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Studies and Designs
  • Studying the bids' documents

  • Conducting the bill of quantities for the projects.

  • Studying the drawings provided by the constructions team and inspecting the building safety

  • Studying the drawings provided by the architectural team to ensure that they are compliant with the constructions drawings and avoiding any conflict.

  • Preparing the initial bills of quantity while adhering to the quality of specifications and accurate accounts.    

Technical Supervision on Implementation

There are many procedures followed in the technical supervision of the implementation of the works. The key points are  as follows:

  • Preparing the shop drawings

  • Setting the timetables of the project as well as providing the financing required during the implementation period.

  • Providing the project requirements including on-site equipment, material stores and all Safety & PPE Supplies

  • Following up the works through the site engineers and project manager as per the set timetable and in line with the required drawings and technical specifications

  • Preparing the periodic reports for submission to the Company's management for review and following up the works to give a clear image on the project phases to the owner.

  • Handing over the works to the supervising entity and implementing all their instructions to achieve the best results

  • Handing over the works after meeting all contractual terms beyond the owner's and the supervisor´s expectations 

  • Installing the contacts of maintenance team to be on call during the agreed guarantee period 

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