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Deeigel Company was established in 2007 under the name of Maali Al Jazeera. Over the years and thanks to the efforts of the staff to develop and promote the Company to reach the highest position in the contracting sector, the Central Tenders of Committee granted the Company the second category classification. The Company pays special attention to its financial position to implement all the projects without facing financial difficulties, so, by early 2019, the capital of the company was increased to be KWD 5000000. Thanks to our extensive experience and long history in the general contracting industry, including all sectors and due to the outstanding relations with contracting companies and different entities, whether governmental or private sector in Kuwait, the Company upholds the client maintenance policy through providing the best quality and perfect works in the different sectors of the contracting industry.         

The Company is keen to provide its clients with convenient businesses based on its established belief that (The excellent  service of the client is the basis of the success for any business) 


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Hawally area, Tunis Street, Al Azmi Complex,   2nd floor, Office No. 4 & 5

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